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Are you lost and need some professional advice?


Please allow me to give some guidance.


To arrange an appointment for a consultation please contact me – I will  visit your garden, review it, and find out what your needs are. After that we can plan how best to realise your vision. At the end you will have a clear image what is possible in your garden and how best you can spend your garden budget.


Do you need a detailed design?


  • Contact me - by phone: 0(0 353) 87 9572097 - or send me an email – – to tell me what are you looking for. I will send you some simple questions; they will help; Firstly to decide what you want, and secondly I will have good useful information before visiting you.


  • First site visit – to discuss what you want to achieve in your garden, and to explore the site. It would also be preferable that you know your budget and we can work out an estimate for the proposed work. If you have not decided on a budget at that stage, we could alternatively agree a general design cost of the project.


  • Write a review - about the visit, finalise the design brief – be sure that we are on the same page about your requests.


  • Design – it takes different formats (hand drawing, PDF …) and level (concept design, detailed design with or without construction details…). It takes 1-2weeks to produce them depending on the scale.


  • Design presentation – it will take time to show you the drawings, plants, maybe some visualisations - depending on your request. After presentation you have time to think about the design and to ask questions. It is also important that you have some time to consider what you really want.


  • Construction – After an agreed price and schedule, contractor(s) will start to build your new garden, clear site (if it is necessary), mark the new layout, build the hard landscape and finish with planting.


      Best contractors are members of ALCI (Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland) they guarantee the highest professional           standard.


  • Some advice after finishing your garden – It would be good to arrange an appointment for about a year afterwards, to follow up on the garden’s progress. This visit and advice is given free as part of the overall project.


  • Give gardening assistance if you want to do on your own. If regular maintenance (at least twice per year) is needed, this can be arranged with me, your contractor or another garden professional.  

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